Radio communication

TETRA is an open standard and the first TETRA systems have been in operation for longer than a decade.

There is a wide choice of TETRA radios in the market: handhelds, mobile terminals for vehicles, small-size handheld radios, covert solutions, data terminals, and embedded data modems. These products are very different from each other, available now and also available in several different frequencies in different countries.

In addition, the established interoperability testing scheme for TETRA products helps guarantee that products from different manufacturers work together as specified.

TETRA also has what it takes for a single-network approach: a rich set of voice communication features combined with integrated data capabilities. The original TETRA standard has been developed towards faster data, and TETRA Enhanced Data Service, TEDS, enables more data bandwidth to TETRA data service users. For example in the power and energy sector, the smart metering concept will benefit from TEDS services.

In addition, security measures in TETRA can be implemented without proprietary solutions.

Cassidian can provide radio communication systems that are based on the proven, mature TETRA standard and that have been designed to optimize the total cost of ownership.

A single TETRA system can provide a wide variety of voice and data services, and the TETRA systems from Cassidian have another big advantage: they can be shared for several independent user organizations. Cassidian also has clear roadmaps with proven commitment.

Cassidian has years of experience in delivering radio communication networks into operation to the satisfaction of customers worldwide.

Cassidian is committed to maintaining these systems for years to come. This is a guarantee for the continuous development of the solution.

Choose Cassidian and ensure your investment.